Dentistry in the US, is very expensive. However, at Dental Art Center, our Tijuana dental clinic, we offer a very low cost, alternative solution for your dental needs.  You will find that our prices range run about 70% less, for the same treatments done in US dental clinics. The dentists here are very well trained, and have a lot of experience. At our clinic, we offer every type of procedure from dental implants,  to root canals, crowns, bridges, and dentures, at cost that is affordable.  

While our dentists can converse in English, our clinic manager and patient coordinator, Arnulfo Gonzalez, was raised in the US, and of course speaks English fluently. ​

Why go to Tijuana DENTIST CENTER?

1. We have low prices. Although prices are not the only consideration, we really do offer Tijuana dental work at a great price. We recognize that the biggest motivator for someone living in the US to go to another country for dental work is the price, and we offer great prices on quality dentistry.  Looking at our treatment price list on the left, you can compare our prices to the average prices charged US dentist offices. You can quickly see that  you are going to save a lot of money. The savings you get will easily more than offset the expenses of travel and lodging, as most people will save hundreds if noth several thousand dollars. Also, when considering dental tourism, Tijuana is the most easily accessible destination, since we are right on the US border, next to San Diego, CA.  there are already millions of people who live within driving distance of Tijuana, but for those who have to fly in, the cost of travel is minimal compared to distant destinations like  Thailand or Costa Rica. In many cases, like dental implants, more than one trip is required, and so it simply makes sense to come to nearby tijuana for dental care. 

2. We very close to the border. We are located just one block from the US border.  Although there is really nothing to be afraid of, crossing the border into a foriegn country is a little scary for some people who have never done it. It is reassuring to know that you don't have to venture very far to get to our Mexico dental clinic. The truth is, once you get to Tijuana, you will quickly see that things are pretty calm. to most, they find Tijuana is a very colorful and interesting place. Our office is easy to find. walking out the gate from Mexican Customs, you willsee the large medical building, MEDAC, It is across the small plaza from the McDonalds, on the same side of the street. you will find us located on the street level on the right side of the main entrance.

3. We are honest and have a lot of professional integrity. We promise to never take advantage of you nor  try to gouge you. There are dentists on both sides of the border, who only think about  money. It is common for some dentists to recommend treatments that are not be needed. We promise to only recommend a course of  treatment that is based on the best interests of our patients. We will try to give you all the options for treatment, and let you decide what you want us to do. It is important to us that your experience be positive, and we know that your referral is our best advertising.  

4. We offer a guarantee for our dental services: 
We guarantee our workmanship and materials. Although things can happen that is not the fault of the dentist, such as accidents, or poor oral hygiene, if something fails because we didn't do it right or because of a flaw in materials, there will be no charge to you for us to fix or replace it here, in our clinic.  
Please take the time to read through the various pages of our website where you will find all the information you need to make a good decision concerning you dental tourism trip to Tijuana. Dental tourism in Tijuana, Mexico gives a great alternative for dental care by saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars, for comparable care to what you can receive in the US. Come to Samaritan, and find the best economical solution for your needs. Mexico dentistry can help reduce your expenses during this time of economic recession.  

At Samaritan Dental Group, our patients receive quality dental care at a fraction of the price they would pay in the US. There are hundreds of patients who regularly visit our dental clinic in Tijuana. You can do what others have done. We will help you every step of the way. If you are flying in to San Diego airport, we can arrange for you to be picked up. If you live locally, it is very easy to drive or take the trolley to the border, and then walk across to our office in Tijuana. we are located right at the exit from Mexican Customs at the border. 

Dental Tourism in Mexico: The superior dentistry done by Tijuana dentists has gained the attention of Americans looking for an alternative to the extremely high costs of dentistry in the US. People are looking to dental tourism as a viable economical solution to needed dental care. Our staff at Dental Art International takes  a lot of pride in our ability to help  patients receive quality dental care in Mexico at a fraction of US prices. We offer a wide variety of services from:  cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dentures, bridges, and crowns. Our patients are happy, both with our affordable Mexico dentist prices, and with the quality of the dentistry they have recieved. For us, the joy on their faces when they see their new smile, is a reward in and of itself. Most patients can't wait to show everyone their new smile. We appreciate so much when they recommend us to they friends as their dentists in Mexico. If you decide on Dental Art as your dental clinic, please know that you will be in very good hands. We will do everything we can to take care of your needs. In fact, please allow us to help you with everything,  from arranging your hotel reservations to helping with your transportation from  the San Diego airport.

Is it Safe in Tijuana?

Despite what uninformed, but well meaning friends or relatives may try to tell you, yes, you are safer in Tijuana than in many US cities!! Don't let media hype with an agenda, or second hand rumors, discourage you. The problems that took place in Tijuana have been cleaned up for several years. The violent crime rate in Tijuana is no more than San Diego, and is in fact less than half that of Los Angeles.  Please click on this link for more information:                                             

Offering a low cost solution compared to dental clinics in the US, Tijuana Dentist Center has brought about a revolution in high quality, lower cost dental care just across the border. Providing high quality services from experienced, qualified dentists more people are turning towards the Mexican Dental Clinics located in Tijuana, Mexico. 

While most people may notice the very low prices, often 1/3rd to 1/4th the amount for dental work in the US, what helps make Samaritan Dental Group so popular is the highly qualified team of dentists who perform all the expected procedures from filling cavities, bridges, crowns, dental implants, dentures, root canals and much, much more all for a cost that is surprisingly low. 

Our friendly, courteous staff speaks English to help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings and will answer any questions you might have about your dental procedure. 

What is Dental Tourism?​
You may have heard this term before, but simply stated it is combining your trip to our facility with a vacation to our wonderful city. You can have your procedure done early on and spend the next few days walking along the beach or exploring the exciting nightlife that Tijuana offers or you can have your dental procedure done near the end of your stay in Mexico, then jet back to your home. Either way, combining your vacation with a needed dental procedure is certainly a very practical way of getting what you need done while also enjoying a few days in our wonderful country.  

Why Choose Mexico for your Dental Needs?
There are several reasons, especially in today’s economy where choosing low cost, high quality services can benefit you and your family when it comes to handling their dental needs. 

Cost: Not surprisingly, this is perhaps the most often cited reason for those seeking dental treatment at our facility. With costs for dental implants, dentures, bridges, root canals and many others costing a mere fraction compared to getting the same treatment in the US, no wonder so many people choose the Mexican Dental Clinic for their needs. 

As an example of the cost difference between our work and what you typically find in US dental clinics, root canals are one of the more common procedures which often cost $1000 or more at typical US dental facilities. At our clinic, a root canal performed in the same manner by experienced, fully qualified dentist costs less that $250. That’s the same, effective work for less than 1/4th the price and that is just one example.

Easily Accessed: Tijuana is just across the border from the US next to San Diego, California. It is easy to drive across the border or fly to our international airport for a very low cost. While it is true that other places in the world, particularly Thailand and Costa Rica to name two of them also offer good quality care at a low price, the cost of travelling to those destinations often far exceeds what you save in terms of the procedures. Tijuana on the other hand offers low cost flights and easy access on the road. 

When you consider the amount of money you are saving on the treatment is often far greater than the cost of flying or driving into Tijuana and staying for a few days, no wonder more and more people are choosing the expert care of the Mexican Dental Clinic to take care of their needs. Plus, our close location to the US border means that you can have your trip to Mexico and your procedure done in a single day. Many of our clients in fact drive into our facility in the morning, have the procedure accomplished and drive back to San Diego before nightfall, saving them time and money. But if you live farther away, it’s no trouble to book a flight to Tijuana, fly in and have all of your dental needs taken care of in a short period of time. 

Testimonial from a patient:

My wife was very concerned about coming to Mexico to get dental work done because of what she had seen on TV, read in the newspaper and heard from friends and family about the drug violence. However, all the friends and family's source of information is from the media, and not personal experience. The media hypes up the Mexican drug cartel like they do everything else. My wife, 2 year old son and I took several trips back and forth from San Diego to Tijuana and they were all trouble free pleasant experiences. We walked across the border a couple times and drove the rest. My wife did not have a passport and was able to cross each time without a problem with only a birth certificate and id. She got several surgical extractions, crowns, a root canal and other work done at Samaritan that she is very happy with. The dentist, patient coordinator (Arnulfo) and the rest of the staff were very professional throughout, performed high quality work and were more than fair with the cost. I would recommend Dr. Eva Guerrero to anyone. She does excellent dental work! The tacos are also very good in Tijuana!  
Nick, Bremerton, Washington

"Recently I had 2 teeth re crowned at Samaritan with Dr. Vazquez. It required 2 visits to complete the process and all went well. We live in the northern area of San Diego so we took a very pleasant trip on the coaster down to the Santa Fe station (downtown) then immediately hopped onto the trolley's blue line (red in color) to the border. We walked across the border bridge and into Tijuana.The pick up point for the dental office is approx. a 3 minute walk from the border gates close to a McDonald's. Very easy. Hector is an excellent patient coordinator for the dental clinic and speaks English fluently.  Personal note, I do not have dental insurance and unfortunately have aging teeth that need over hauling. I recently had a tooth done in the USA for $1,000. and am still having problems 4 months (and 4 tries) later. Dr.Vazquez's costs are approx. 1/4 what I paid for the problem molar.I did not experience any foreign water problems on either appt. from Dr. Vazquez's work. Don't forget your passport or birth certificate and driver's license when you go and allow extra time to go thru customs when you head home.To sum this up, I intend to go back for additional help".  Signed: appreciative patient.

Economic benefits for dental tourism: Today, with the economy tanking, benefits being cut, and the majority of people being without any kind of dental coverage, dental tourism is starting to make sense to a lot of people. It seems that the prices of getting your teeth fixed in the US is something for the rich only. Especially if you want to get some cosmetic dentistry done. A smile makeover in the US can easily run over $20,000, and is not within the ability of most people to have done. But what if, for the same treatments, you could get a new smile for less than $6,000? although that amount of money is not something most people would lightly choose to spend, it would be a whole lot more doable. The fact is, almost any type of dental work done in Mexico is of the same quality that you would expect in the US, it can be done in just a fraction of the time required to do in the US, and finally, the cost is usually about 1/4 of what a US dentist would charge. From a financial standpoint, it is almost a no brainier. But here are some objections that many people have, and the answer to those objections.

Cleanliness and sanitation at Mexico dental clinics: Some people are afraid of the cleanliness and sterilization of dental clinics in Mexico. People who are afraid of this is because they don't understand how dental clinics are run in Mexico. First, the dentists are trained to a very high standard. Most Mexican dentists went through school at a great personal sacrifice, and they take very seriously the education and training that the have received. Part of that training has to do with the health and safety of their patients, and in particular, sanitation and sterilization. in fact, their is a health department in Mexico, and they send inspectors, unannounced, around to all the clinics. the Mexican dentists are not only very professional in their care of their patients, they also don't want to risk being shut down and fined for not having all their protocols up to required specifications. Honestly, you will find that everything in a dental clinic in Tijuana, especially at Dental Art Center, is clean, safe, and very professionally done.

Safety issues in Mexico: Some people are afraid of traveling into Mexico because they have heard a lot of negative news reports. Although there have certainly been some incidents and problems in Tijuana the past, the current situation is very stable and secure in the city. In any major city, even in the USA, there is crime, and problems related to drugs and vice. There are neighborhoods and areas, where the crime rate is higher, and things are less safe. This would be true of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any US city. Tijuana is no different. However, the areas in Tijuana where things are less safe, are not the same areas where our dental tourists stay. In any case, just a little common sense goes a long way. if you want to be safe in Tijuana, or even in a US city, don't go to the areas that the bad people hang out in. In other words, don't go where the hookers are, don't go to seedy clubs and bars, and don't look for where you can score drugs. Don't flash a lot of money, and pull a big roll of bills out when you pay for your meals, or pull out your cash to count it out on the sidewalk, Those things sound like normal good advice for home as well as abroad! The truth is, we have helped thousands of American patients come to Tijuana for dental care, and have not ever had even one person have a problem, or have know of anyone ever being robbed or assaulted. One more fact that many people are unaware of, is the chief of police of Tijuana has been so successful at cleaning up the city, he was hired away from Tijuana to go and clean up Juarez, Mexico, which is where the majority of problems have been. Tijuana is as safe a place to visit, or even live, as any US city. In fact, in the area of Tijuana to Ensenada, it is estimated that there are over 25,000 ex-patriot Americans living. Many thousands of retired Americans have moved here because the cost of living is lower, and their lifestyle is safe and laid back. If they felt threatened, they would certainly not stay in the Tijuana area.

Logistics for coming to Mexico: Some people are reluctant to go to Tijuana for dental care because they are not sure how to work out the logistics, This should not deter you. If you can simply fly into San Diego airport, we'll pick you up, take you to a nearby hotel, show you the best places to eat, and get you to and from your hotel to our dental clinic. In other words, we'll take care of everything for you.

Things to do to relax: Some people wonder what is there to do, while waiting for lab work to get done. Usually, when a lot of crowns are being done for a patient, the time needed to prep the teeth will be about 2 or three days. Those days will be long hours in the dental chair, and so any down time will simply be in the evening. there are a lot of exciting restaurants in Tijuana where you can go eat, and enjoy the ambiance. After the preparation work is done, and the dentists sends the impressions off to the dental lab, you will then have two or three days of down time. While the lab makes your new crowns, there is nothing to do at the clinic, so you might as well have a little vacation time. many of our patients decide to go for a few days to Rosarito, where they can stay at a hotel on the beach. Rosarito is a fun tourist town, with a lot of places to shop, and many nice restaurants. Also, there is a fun shopping area for tourists in downtown Tijuana. Whatever you might like to do, Arnulfo Gonzalez, our patient coordinator can advise you, and help you to be able to get transportation.

Dental implants in Mexico: One of the big areas of interest for potential patients looking to have dental work done abroad is dental implants. This is a technology that is becoming very popular. Tijuana is a great place to get dental implants done. First, because we charge less than a third of what a US dentist will charge, which if you are needing multiple dental implants, can add up to many thousands of dollars. Secondly, some of the best implant dentists on the planet are in Tijuana. specifically, our own, Dr Arnulfo Vazquez, who does our implants, is one of the best implant specialists in Tijuana. He has a 97% success rate, and will guarantee his work. Dr. Vazquez even trained in the US for two years at the University of Minnesota, and studied bone grafting at UCLA. You will not find a finer oral surgeon and implant specialist than Dr. Vazquez. Please go to the section of our website where we talk about dental implants to get more information. you will find that we can do, not only implants for individual teeth, but we can also do multiple implant treatments, both to make bridges, as well as dentures supported by implants.

Services: We offer many different dental services, equivalent to what you will find in the US for almost all of your dental needs. A partial list of what we offer includes; 

- Exams and Evaluation
- Cleaning
- Whitening
- Fillings
- Root Canals
- Crowns
- Dentures
- Extractions
- Partials
- Dental Implants

Exams and Evaluations: These are most often free and there is no charge for these services. When you consider that exams and evaluations in the US are often over $100, this free service is often included with your visit to catch any other potential issues. 

Dental Implants: We offer high quality implants with abutments and crowns for single toot replacement. We also can use locators and connectors to support a denture. If needed our dentists can do bone grafting and sinus lifts. 

Root Canals: This common procedure is used to save a tooth that is infected or hypersensative. The nerve and pulp of the tooth is extracted, and then filled in. We use only board certified specialists for root canal therapy. 

Cleaning & Whitening: These are very common dental services that are offered at a very low cost that can be combined with other procedures if you wish.

Fillings: We use white composite fillings which are highly durable and almost invisible to the naked eye.

​Crowns: You can choose from porcelain crowns with a standard finish or the popular E Max Crowns and Veneers. Even the Zirconium ceramic crowns which are quite expensive in the US, but are offered at our facility for around 1/3rd the price.

Extractions: Sometimes that tooth just has to come out. We offer regular and surgical extractions for your teeth as well as specialize in the removal of wisdom teeth, from fully boned impacted to those that have surfaced. We can extract them at a fraction of the charge. 

Dentures: A new set of dentures can really set you back at the US dentist. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide variety of denture services from acrylic full or partials, temporary flipper types, metal frame and flexible partials, top quality full denture arch and premium dentures with porcelain teeth. 

Quality: We only staff highly qualified dentists and use some of the best dental equipment around for our clinic, offering top quality services at very low prices due in large part to scheduling only the procedures that you need to have carried out. In the US, a dentist will often schedule additional procedures that may be preventative in nature, but often are not fully necessary which helps drive up the cost of the care. 

At our clinic, the dentist will fully explain the procedures that are needed and provide you with all the options that you can choose from if you so desire. In this manner, you can either take advantage of having additional services performed or you can delay them for another time, it’s your choice. This freedom of choice means that the overall cost of the service tends to be much less than our US counterparts. 

Modern Facility: Here at Dental Art you will find one of the nicest dental clinics in Tijuana. We offer a fully modernized, up to date dental facility that features the best tools in our trade to insure that you get the best quality service. We pride ourselves in having the best tools and equipment to work with in a clean, fully functional facility that is nearly indistinguishable from typical facilities in the US. 

Our Guarantee: We guarantee our work at Samaritan Dental Group, offering top notch services for a low price. If something should fail in our workmanship or the materials used in the procedure we will correct it at no cost to you. We take pride in what we do and realize that our reputation for our high quality dental work is only as good as the last patient who utilizes our services. We understand that no matter how high the standards we set are that on rare occasions something may not turn out 100% correct so when those incidents occur we respond by fully backing our work with a guarantee.

You will have plenty to do in Mexico both before and after undergoing your dental procedure. Whether you simply want a quick exam, teeth cleaning and whitening which can be performed quickly and easily while you enjoy your stay or if you are in need of more important dental work, our dentists are here to help you get the work you need done at a fraction of the cost. We encourage you to call ahead and let us answer all of your questions about our facility and what we can do to help the health of your teeth. It’s why we are in business

Dental tourism has come a long way in the past two decades and has become a major part of our tourism industry in Mexico. This has become possible only through attracting some of the best dentist, advanced equipment, building high quality facilities and having a caring, friendly staff to help make your visit as pleasant as possible. 
Great Quality Dentistry 
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